Week 7 – The Mental Diet

jump-for-joyI couldn’t have been more thankful that I’m behind this week. This election would have had me starting over every five minutes. But now its over, my mind is clear, and I’m on to positive only words and choices. ( I mean how the hell did we…) Stop!, That wasn’t 7 seconds was it? Ok, dang. I’ll start over now.

I can contribute a little to this. I learned early from Zig Ziglar that when someone asks you how your day is going, say, “FANTASTIC, and getting better.” You will be amazed at the smiles and responses you will get. And even if you don’t feel it, you will bring joy to those around you. And in turn, it will start making you feel fantastic. Those smiles that you’ll draw from people, will warm your heart and make you glow.

So go try it. The rewards will abound. Now I’m going to go off and have a FANTASTIC DAY. Please do the same.


48 thoughts on “Week 7 – The Mental Diet

    1. When someone asks “how is your day going” I usually respond with “fabulous” or “great” and people are usually taken back by that, mostly because they do not expect that answer, or because they are in a; shall I say, “under the weather mood” and like to complain. My response usually changes their attitude quickly.

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  1. Yep you got it. I realized long time ago that people function on two basic levels. 1 get their own way 2 be loved
    So really no one cares how YOU feel. So that you are fantastic makes THEM feel great. Enjoyed your post . Fantastic actually šŸ’„

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  2. “FANTASTIC, and getting better!!” I love it that reply!

    The last several years I’ve worked on breaking the habit of asking someone “How are you doing?” because I find it to be an insincere and habitual gesture.

    Reading Scroll II, I’m rethinking this. Am I showing less LOVE for not asking someone how they are doing?

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  3. Thank you for sharing. I was taught when someone ask you how are you say unbelieveable because it can be unbelievable good or unbelievable bad it way it all depends on how the reciver taks it . so have a fantastic unbelievable day.


  4. What I’ve noticed with the Mental diet is the amount of energy you conserve by not getting entangled in other peoples stuff. I am watching things going back and forth between people in my life and just by simply being aware of it… it changes the whole dynamic.. its quiet liberating really!!

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  5. Thank you. I love to do this – the smiles are like instant fuel – a shot in the arm, that karmic balance, even though not looking for reciprocity – it’s addicting to be that zing of positiveness in the world – doesn’t hurt a mental diet either. I love your brief, soul felt words – you shine – keep it up šŸ™‚

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  6. First Congrats on Being The Featured Blog ..I say a lot of things when people ask me ” How I’m Doing ” my go to is ” Great if I was any Better I’d Be You ..never fails to get a smile


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