Week 10 – 5 postings a week, you nuts?


I’m going to borrow my Minnesota friend’s favorite saying…”Oofda”. Getting back on the wagon never felt so rough. But having spent a majority of my working life in sales I completely understand the psychology and mentality of this exercise. Doesn’t mean I want to do it though. But I get it completely.

I used to train sales people that constantly would tell me they were “in the business”. And this applied to network marketing, insurance sales, grocery stores, auto sales, or any kind of sales for that matter. But yet they were not out “telling their story”. They would sit and stare at the phone, keep busy with networking events, or just imagine people walking in their door and what they would say. Well that isn’t good enough. You must be reaching out to people EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!

Just being employed by, or involved with, an organization doesn’t mean you are “in the business”. That would be the equivalent of a person sitting on a boat all day saying he was a fisherman and never pulling out a fishing pole. So I get it. (Still seems daunting)

But I will warn anyone that this can also be a trap. I know that attraction marketing can work, which is what the Twitter and Blogging sphere is all about. Attracting people to your story. And it will work for some. Just don’t wait around for it to kick in. It is a cultivation of a crowd and audience that can take months if not years. I read about a guy that now makes 6 figures a year playing video games online. But he did recordings of him playing these games for over 2 1/2 years before he saw any kind of money. He was consistent, reliable, and developed a million person following during those first years. He kept honing his craft and working on new skills to offer his viewers a learning experience along with an entertaining one.

So don’t forget the “shovel work”. If you are in sales and marketing, you must reach out to people everyday until you have the crowd following you around. Writing your blog and connecting with others online is great cultivation to develop your crowd, but it will take time and patience. So think: Consistent, Entertaining, Informative. What would keep someone else around wondering what you are going to say next?

And while you are doing that, remember the cardinal rule (at least one of mine): The easiest sale is the one you ask for. So good luck and keep plugging away.


9 thoughts on “Week 10 – 5 postings a week, you nuts?

  1. Nice to know there are others feeling a wee overwhelmed by some of the tasks for this MKMMA. I like what you wrote about being “consistent, informative and entertaining”. I think back to all those who I follow for podcasts, blogs, etc. and they meet each one of descriptors. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I suppose you are aligned with Scroll 3 then? Lay some safe words down in me regarding this Scroll. It’s not that I don’t think persistence is key. I think I’m having an adverse reaction to the way the concept is presented.


    1. It certainly is a more masculine description of persistence. There is another sales team out there that teaches the “Go For No” philosophy that resonates particularly well with Og on this scroll. I will blog about it this weekend because I think it is a particularly fun and useful tool in sales mentality and tracking. I was quite surprised reading scroll 3 because of this resonance and how well it fits together.


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