Week 15 – Drowning in my DMP

I know this is not a place for excuses. But what happens when a big foundation of your DMP is coming true and sucking every minute out of the day? I’ve spent the last month moving from one place, putting our stuff in storage, cleaning out that place, and at the same time working on the new home to try and get it ready. Only to find out that the new place keeps having construction delays so you are in limbo with your family of 6, squatting at the in-laws?

This addresses the part of my DMP that says we will have a mortgage free home by 2020. Well, the first step was in acquiring a home at a price that would allow that to be possible. It needed a lot of work. And I was willing to give it. After all, I willed it to happen right? It will also be the foundation for what we want to do in the community. Our goal is to have a learning center, in a struggling community, that allows us to teach and tutor and educate people on self-sufficiency. And this is also coming true. Through this house we have connected with many of the people that are going to help make that a reality.

So I do apologize to all for not making it to my Blog on time. I apologize that I haven’t been “on my game” when it comes to posting and tagging and commenting. I thought that was the purpose of this program. To realize our true selves.

So what to do. Continue stretching myself to the point of breaking? Or put down your starter torch for a minute to pick up the one that you were looking for in the first place?


3 thoughts on “Week 15 – Drowning in my DMP

  1. Drowning or living your DMP? Words are powerful…like I have to tell you…lol. Enjoy your journey…you are creating it. Even more important, stay in touch with what you do want and focus on that so you continue the way that you want! Bless you.

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