Week 8 – You Sunk My Battleship


I have been on a submarine…once. At the Field Museum in Chicago. I was 8. This task, was enormously taxing. And I hate war so… Yuck. I really wanted to go back to my mountain temple and continue chatting with myself. But I get it. It is a time to stretch. It is time to grow. And I really understood where this exercise was going. It is something I practice with my kids often. Finding the Beginning.

I have met many people that take every happening, every action, every reaction at face value. They never dig and look at the underlying causes. They never stretch and see what the beginning looked like, or what were the factors that got them to this point. And opportunity really is in the details. There are whole companies that build the gears that go into the seats of your automobile. There are massive industries built around moving and disposing of trash and waste. We often see the finished product and think, “Wow, If only I could have invented THAT.” But what about the company that supplies the glass for every phone? Just the glass. What about the wires? Could you build a better wire? Or gasket?

To look to the details could be a life changer along with an industry changer. And knowing how and why a thing came to be, can help you see the little pictures inside the bigger pictures.

It also helps with people. Because Lord knows we are complex creature. And nothing comes from nothing. Every action, reaction, and vision comes from a history of decisions and thoughts that have got us to this point. It is wise to remember that when you find you disagree with others. Why you might wonder how in God’s name could they possibly have voted the way they did? Understanding of the Beginning will carry you far.


Week 7.5 – Your Future Self


I would be lying if I didn’t admit that this is how I’ve felt when starting this visualizing. I started out seeing myself as a much older, yet wiser, self. But as I started to focus more, I realized I didn’t have to be the old guy, I could be the one looking at a younger, more vibrant version of who I am today. Someone healthier, someone stronger, someone with more endurance. After all, age is only in the mind.

Why couldn’t I feel better? Why couldn’t I feel younger? Why couldn’t I still achieve all I want and not look like I spent a lifetime getting it. So there it goes. I switched gears. I started out looking at an older, more spent and exhausted me, and now see me in better shape, on top of the world, and getting younger by the day. I’m more like the old guy in the mirror looking at his younger self. And you know what, I do feel less tired. I do feel like I could achieve more. I do sit up straighter. And I couldn’t be more happy about the future.

Week 7 – The Mental Diet

jump-for-joyI couldn’t have been more thankful that I’m behind this week. This election would have had me starting over every five minutes. But now its over, my mind is clear, and I’m on to positive only words and choices. ( I mean how the hell did we…) Stop!, That wasn’t 7 seconds was it? Ok, dang. I’ll start over now.

I can contribute a little to this. I learned early from Zig Ziglar that when someone asks you how your day is going, say, “FANTASTIC, and getting better.” You will be amazed at the smiles and responses you will get. And even if you don’t feel it, you will bring joy to those around you. And in turn, it will start making you feel fantastic. Those smiles that you’ll draw from people, will warm your heart and make you glow.

So go try it. The rewards will abound. Now I’m going to go off and have a FANTASTIC DAY. Please do the same.

Week 6 – The DMP coming alive

Wow. When the universe calls, the universe calls. Last week was a complete bust for my MKJ, but big steps toward my DMP. A huge chunk of my DMP blossomed and work needed to be done to solidify that. I’m playing a bit of catch-up now, but it was so worth it. And since it was such a big part of the vision of what my family and I are trying to build, I thought it was worth the delay.

We landed a house that will be the foundation of our school and project towards energy independence. Our next step is to find partners that have done work with renewable energy. In the next three years we want to get this home predominately off the grid, and creating a surplus of energy that we can feed it to the neighbors. And because of the size of the home, we will start with schooling the children in news ways of learning and growing that will fill their minds instead of piling on facts and figures and crushing their souls. So if anyone out there is interested in being a part of an independence movement, good with solar/wind/ or alternative energy, I’d be glad to talk.

The real chore now is to stay focused, get back on track with the class work, and keep building. Still a lot left to learn. teacher-student-classwork-homework-ahhhhh

Week 5 – The Detox

I wasn’t sure I was going to even write this one. Because I wasn’t sure if I had imagined the whole thing. But then I thought that maybe I do need to put it out there in case anyone else had something similar happen. Yesterday was the first day I’ve had any kind of negative response to this whole mind-transformation process. I have never had a major addiction to anything external, so I don’t have any idea what a “withdrawal” or “detox” is like, but yesterday sure felt like what I imagine one to be. And now I know why an addict would avoid one at any cost. They flipping hurt.

Yesterday, I found I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. And when I finally did, I felt like my whole universe was piling an enormous weight on my shoulders. My stomach was in knots, my chest hurt, my brain hurt and I couldn’t even pick up any of the materials. Every time I would go to grab my Greatest Salesman book or DMP, I would just feel angry and disgusted. It was the craziest, oddest feeling in the world. I have very much enjoyed my readings, and my sit, and my cards…but yesterday I couldn’t touch anything. My materials might as well have been on fire.

Throughout the day I avoided even speaking to anyone. And when I did, it was very angry. I couldn’t seem to control it. At one point, I stopped talking at all. This kind of freaked my kids out a bit. This part helped and my kids seemed to enjoy my silence. At one point I had to lay down because of how out of it I felt. I’m so glad I didn’t have to work otherwise I might have done or said something to get myself fired. (Not that my kids don’t want to fire me most days). But seriously, yesterday was just sucky.

For awhile, I thought that maybe I just caught a cold or a small flu bug, but this feeling in my gut wasn’t anything like that. It was more of a purge feeling. And the fact that the feelings intensified anytime I even thought of this MKMMA class or the readings. I seriously didn’t want anything at all to do with the program yesterday. I’m glad I got my Interview done earlier in the week.

Well, I made it through the day. I wrapped up the evening with a dozen chicken wings and a few beers with my wife. This helped tremendously. And this morning I woke up at 4:30am with a renewed spirit. I cracked open the GS and started on the 2nd scroll. (What can I say, sometimes you have to follow your soul). And what do you know, its all about Love. Couldn’t have picked a better recovery tool.

So if you are on this MKMMA journey, and you get an episode like this, my advice is to keep still, take the day off of work, don’t talk to anyone if you can avoid it, indulge in some comfort food, watch a movie, and know that the negative feelings will pass. Even my wife couldn’t believe how happy and chipper I was this morning. So hang in there.

Peace and Love to you all.

Week 5 – No OPINIONS?

What? Well there goes Facebook. What do you mean I can’t give my opinions? This isn’t going to be easy at all (OPINION!) Wait, what was that? (A red flag. Every time you say an opinion I’m going to throw it.) Well that sucks. (OPINION!) Are you really going to do that every single time? (Yup) Well then, let’s see how this goes.

We have become a society of opinionites. (OPINION!)
Wait, that isn’t true? (It could be, but do you have facts? figures?)
Well, no. But isn’t the rise of social media and blogging and Twitter an indicator that everyone now has an opinion? (No, everyone had an opinion before, now it is just more public)
Oh, I see. All right then: We, as a society, have gotten more public with our opinions. (Much better) And I’m not sure it is for the better. (OPINION!) Awww, come on, that is a feeling I have. (Still an opinion). Oof. (OPINION!) What now? How is “oof” an opinion? (You are telling the universe that this is a troubling experience by saying a disgruntled “oof”. Therefore: OPINION!) Well what can I talk about? (Facts, figures, dates, truth)
That sounds boring. (OPINION!)Ok, how about this:

This week we were told we should reserve from having any opinions. Not just giving out our opinion, but refrain from having any opinion at all. This has been very tough for me….
What, no flag? (Nope, you’re right. It has been tough for you) Well, ok. This week I realized how much of my life I’ve given away to my interpretation of life, instead of just living. It has been difficult to separate myself from my emotions and feelings about an event or occurrence or phrase spoken. This is certainly an on going process and I do plan to keep working to detach myself emotionally from what is happening.

Through this process, I also realized that I was becoming addicted to my opinions. I loved to comment and post things. It was becoming a drug. There is a certain power I was feeling  from giving myshouting-at-phone opinion. The trouble is, the more you give, the more you get. So as I shared my opinion, people would also respond back. Positive opinions returned positive responses. Negative opinions resulted in mostly negative responses. As I started being more aware of this, I would detach myself from how I felt about the thing, and started embracing how others felt about that thing. It really is powerful…Hmm, I guess that was true. (yep, it is true) Understanding why a person says or does something allows for such a better conversation than focusing on how you feel about it. And when you detach yourself from how you feel about a topic or happening, it gives you more power to view the event as it is, instead of how you feel about it.

So, I will keep trying. It isn’t easy. (OPINION!) And I wish my kids would learn it. They would get along so much better. (OPINION!) Well, I know one other truth. I won’t miss this voice in my head that keeps screaming at me. (OPINION!)

Week 4 – I Am

rainWhen it comes to you, you’ll know. You’ll know that we have spent the majority of our lives filling it with clutter. And not just the kind of clutter that finds its way to the garage, desk, and closets. But the kind of clutter that fills your mind with worry and doubt and fear. Civilization, as we know it, controls its participants by fear. We have allowed it to fill our lives with busy instead of being… and doing instead of living.

Just for a moment, stop. Stop wishing, wanting, and worrying. Stop and see everything around you. See everyone around you. Really see them. Feel their energy. Feel all the life around you. It isn’t the kind of feedback you’ll get from a digital screen, it is so much more powerful.

I think sometimes that science has done us a disservice by giving everything in our lives an explanation. It takes away the simple mystery and joy of just letting a thing be. Yes, the rain falls because of moisture and dust accumulating and gravity pulling it to the center of the Earth…. OR… the Winds of the Earth have picked up hand fulls of the Ocean Waters to carry it across the vast country to where there are dry fields. And those Winds  drizzle those life giving droplets over the ground so we may all share in the wonderful life giving water.

I think I like the mystery better. Knowing that the sun is a ball of burning gas that has a shelf-life of 10-15 billion years doesn’t affect my life. But knowing that this ball of magical energy was placed in the sky to light our way, provide us heat, and heal our souls, does affect my life. It brings me happiness whenever it shines and reminds me that no matter the darkness, that sun is still right around the corner.

Today I search for the joy and mystery in the world around me. For the world is me, and I am the world.